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How old is Billi?

  • 14 years old.

When did she start using the buttons?

  • May 2020.

What was her first button?

  • “Food”! If I did it again I would start with “pets”, and not add a button related to food.

How did you teach her what the buttons mean?

  • Check out our “Getting Started” page for more information! Specific “how to’s” for words can be found there as well.

Where do you get the buttons?

  • The small buttons are made by FluentPet, the large by Learning Resources. Links for both can be found in the “Getting Started” page.

Does she really understand what the buttons mean?

  • We don’t know! I don’t think we can answer the depth of understanding with the current amount of information we have, all we can say is “does she press the button in the correct context the majority of the time?” For the most part the answer to that is yes. Overall, it’s great enrichment, and Billi really enjoys it. So that’s enough for me 😊 Further research updates will be added as we know more! 

Is this an experiment?

  • Not exactly! It started as a fun thing for Billi and I to do together, and we joined an observational research study as a secondary thing. You can learn more about the study at our "Research" tab and here.

How did you and Billi meet?

  • I found her on the street while I was in undergrad in 2009. She caused a car accident chasing an RUS (Princess Bride reference, not sure if anyone will get that) across the road! Couldn’t find her home, so she became mine 🤗

Why does Billi’s back and tail twitch?

What do you do for a living?

  • I’m a veterinarian who specializes in zoo, aquatic, and wildlife species.

What buttons does she currently have?

  1. Hello

  2. Bye

  3. Where

  4. Oops

  5. I don't understand

  6. Want

  7. What

  8. Hmm?

  9. No

  10. Yes

  11. Love you

  12. Mom

  13. Dad

  14. Billi

  15. Dog

  16. Cat

  17. Grandma

  18. Friend

  19. Squirrel

  20. Bird

  21. Auntie

  22. Guppy

  23. Daphne

  24. Pets

  25. Cuddle

  26. Help

  27. Play

  28. Look

  29. Food

  30. Catnip

  31. Mousey

  32. Fan Toy

  33. Worm

  34. Bunny

  35. Water

  36. Zoom Zoom

  37. Twirly

  38. TV

  39. Settle

  40. Come

  41. Sleep

  42. Smell

  43. Walk

  44. Training

  45. Hug

  46. Toothbrush

  47. Outside

  48. Inside

  49. Back

  50. Ear

  51. Chin

  52. Tummy

  53. Home

  54. Work

  55. Bedroom

  56. Couch

  57. Ouch

  58. Mad

  59. Happy

  60. All Done

  61. Noise

  62. Later

  63. Soon

  64. Now

  65. Then

  66. Before

  67. More

  68. Morning

  69. Afternoon

  70. Night

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